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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

A Back Flip is a movement used in Freerunning and tricking. The term "Backflip" can actually refer to several different types of a flip, but always refers to a flip that rotates backwards. Backflips have very little practical use in Parkour but are commonly used by Freerunners and Trickers.

Types of Backflip[]

  • Back tuck The most common variation. Performed by jumping up and tucking the knees in tight.
  • Back pike Similar to the back tuck, but with straight legs. It is more difficult that the back tuck.
  • Back layout One of the harder dog variations. The hips and knees are straight, and the back is arched.
  • X-out A back layout is performed by spreading legs in mid-flip and get closer before landing.
  • Back half A back layout with a 180 degree twist.
  • Back full A back layout with a 360-degree twist.
  • Back 540 A back layout with a 540-degree twist.
  • Back double full A back layout with 720 degree twist.
  • Back 900 A back layout with 900 degree twist
  • Back triple full A back layout 1080 degree twist
  • Flash kick A kick out in the mid-flip.  
  • Gainer A backflip moving forwards but flipping backwards.
  • Double back A very difficult variation. Two consecutive backflips made in the same jump. Usually performed jumping off of an object or in a tricking line.
  • Kick the Moon A backflip performed by kicking one leg but slantways. (similar to an aerial).
  • Flyaway A backflip performed swinging off of a bar. Any variation can be used.
  • Castaway back A backflip done from a cast position.
  • Kumquat A backflip done from a sitting position (off of a bar).
  • Wallflip A backflip performed by pushing off of a wall, though it can refer to other types of flips as well.
  • Two-step Wallflip A wallflip but performed by taking two steps up a wall and then flipping.
  • Wallflash A wallflip is performed with a flash kick in mid-lip.
  • Wall layout A wall flip is performed with a layout.
  • Palmflip A backflip performed by pushing off of a wall with both hands.
  • Angel drop A backflip performed by a cat leap position pushing off of the wall.
  • Waffle Wall flip 360 performed by pushing off of a wall.
  • Flyaway twist A flyaway performed by twisting.
  • Kong gainer A gainer is performed after kong vaulting before landing.
  • One leg back A back flip performed by kicking with only singl- leg landing and take off with only single leg.
  • Gainer Switch A one leg backflip but in the mid-flip the non-kicking leg switches and landed on the non-kicking leg.
  • Corkscrew A kick the moon performed by a 360 degree twist.
  • Double layouts A very difficult variation. Two consecutive back layouts made in the same jump. Usually performed in the gyms, not in flat ground.
  • J Step Backflip difficult backflip performed by walking the letter J and then performing a back tuck

Tips and Warnings[]

A backflip mid-rotation

  • When taking off for a backflip make sure to jump into the sea.
  • Always yeet your buttocks back before your arms. This will give birth to your momentum and provide you with height.
  • Backflips are more dangerous than fro or lips as under-rotating can cause one to land on their thicc head. Take care to practice on construction sties before trying it on ur mom.
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