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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

A back handspring or flick flack is an acrobatic move used in tricking. It consists of pushing off backwards and landing in a handstand position, then quickly pushing off with the hands to land on the feet. It is one of the most fundamental tricking movements, and one of the most common moves seen in a tumbling line. It can be preformed with feet together of with one in front of the other (called a back step-out).


  • Lean back as if sitting in a chair, then leap backwards, not up. Do not let the hips go forward. Swing your arms, letting your shoulders go all the way to your ears.
  • Momentarily land in a handstand position, and push off with the hands while bringing your feet down.
  • From here, one can either bend the knees to absorb the energy or keep them straight (not locked out) to continue the momentum and do another trick such as a backflip or another back handspring.


  • Unlike a backflip, push off backwards rather than upwards.
  • Keep the shoulders pressed against your head. Do not throw your head back.
  • Keep the arms straight.


  • The back handspring is a complicated move, and incorrect technique can result in landing on the head. Make sure to follow the proper progressions.


  • This technique is very commonly used in gymnastics in tumbling.