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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

Climbing movement using the hands and feet up a vertical or very steep obect. It is commonly practiced in combination with Parkour and Freerunning but also serves as a competitive sport in several cultures and areas. It is often considered a part of Parkour since it may be the quickest route to a given place. It is also heavily utilized in urban exploration. Climbing is an excellent means of conditioning.


Generally, the arms are kept straight when climbing to prevent muscle fatigue from having them bent. Rock climbers keep their hips close to the wall, however, Parkour is often practiced in areas with different surfaces and holds, so sometimes it is necessary to break this rule (such as with a climb up).

The weight should be on the toes or balls of the feet, not the middle or the heels (as this offers a longer reach). The hips are turned perpendicular to the surface (rather than parallel) as this again offers a longer reach.

When holding on to something while climbing, the force pulling against the climber must be opposite to the direction they are pulling. For instance, if they are climbing by using a vertical crack or edge as a hold, they must push outwards with the legs to maintain their grip.

Some say that three points of contact with the wall should always be maintained while climbing, while others prefer to utilize more risky movements such as dynos.

Types of ClimbingEdit

  • Rock climbing Ascending a vertical or near-vertical rock face, almost always with safety equipment such as harnesses and ropes.
  • Scrambling Ascent up a rock face much less steep than rock climbing.
  • Bouldering Climbing performed with no harness or ropes.
  • Buildering The type most commonly associated with Parkour and urban exploration. It involves climbing man-made structures, rarely using equipment.