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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

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The Crane is a technique used for landing a jump in Parkour. Cranes also serve as an accurate way to land onto of an obstacle from a running jump, precision , or vault. The landing of a crane involves the practitioner landing with his or her leg on top of the object, with the toe of the other foot perpendicularly touching the side of that object. There are some variations to the crane, though rather than personal taste, each variation is used for different speeds and environments.


  1. Perform a running jump, vault, precision or any other technique which will give the required momentum
  2. Take off of one foot and attempt to get the non-jumping leg on top of the object
  3. The takeoff foot should tap the front of the object in order to keep the knee and shin safe
  4. Use the leg to lift you onto the object (note: balance can be interrupted easily while doing this)