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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.


The Dash Vault is a vault used in Parkour and Free running in which a practitioner jumps over an obstacle feet first then leads the body away from the object with the hands. This vault is considered a more difficult vault to perform because of its difficulty to transfer momentum.


  1. Run up to the obstacle.
  2. Jump over the obstacle as if your glutes were to land on it.
  3. Place the hands down and push yourself away from the obstacle..
    1. safety tips and not try to learn to do the dash vault on a bar you have to get your hands on a small space its easier to miss and get hurt.
    2. its best to learn this vault on a wide object like you see in this picture it doesn't have to be that high but make sure its no a thin bar wile your learn this move i try to learn the dash vault on a bar i bruised my rib and back bones pretty bad because of this i had to stop doing parkour for 3 months so i could properly heal. this is for safety i speaking from experience (((this section is for safety so feel free to and safety tips and please nothing fake i will check often)))sorry for the long paragraph. in this link it gives you a idea about how wide you want to learn it on


Acceptance in Parkour)you don't need acceptance in parkour[]

The dash vault is often debated for its usefulness in Parkour. David Belle himself has commented negatively about the vault's ability to perform in Parkour. However, some traceurs report positive applications for the dash vault, as it can be used to reduce speed and drop heights with relative comfort. The dash vault is also quite useful when a traceur has too much momentum and is not in a good position to perform another vault. it doesn't have to be useful, parkour is about fun not acceptance so do what you think is fun and you like parkour is like a new world full of possibility so make new moves try new combinations and when you get hurt pretty bad take the proper time to heal if you read above this i shared a time were i stopped doing parkour to heal but im back doing it and most importantly have fun and do what you fell comfortable with don't over step to look cool it is not worth you safety if you want just comment if you want me to do other vaults and moves