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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

A Traceur using a gate vault to traverse to the sidewalk below from an elevated walkway.

The Gate Vault is a movement used in Freerunning (and, controversially, Parkour) to lower oneself over a fence, gate or wall, allowing a traceur or traceuse to quickly move over the obstacle and retain most of their forward momentum. Many purists would argue that there are few practical applications of the gate vault; however, there is disagreement on this.


  1. Run up to object
  2. Place one hand (in this case the left, with the palm up) on the wall, rail or gate.
  3. Lean over object
  4. Grab rail (or place hand on wall flat) with right hand (palm down)
  5. Pop over the rail and arch the back, bringing the feet over the head (somewhat similar to a front handspring)
  6. Release left hand and push right hand and release (when feet are above head)
  7. Land and run out of vault


Often people will not go over their heads when using this vault, and instead will throw their body around the side and over the object, which ends up looking like a side vault, sometimes called a side-gate. These variations, however, normally place a practitioner facing the direction from whence they came, making them practical for combos but less so for Parkour.


  • It is very easy to get one's clothes stuck on the points of a chain link fence.
  • This vault is almost a flip, and as such requires commitment. Under rotation can result in injury.