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The Kash Vault is a vault consisting of a combination of the Kong Vault and Dash Vault.  The kash vault is executed similar to a kong vault, but during the middle of the vault, the traceur swings his/her legs through their arms instead of going straight over.  This vault is considered a relatively easy vault because of its slow speed, but for beginners, this vault can be tricky.


  1. Run towards the obstacle
  2. Launch with your legs and dive
  3. Place hands down on the obstacle
  4. Swing your legs through your hands and extend them in front of you instead of tucking them
  5. Push yourself away from the obstacle
  6. do not learn to do the dash vault on a bar you have to get your hands on a small space you will get hurt.
  7. its best to learn this vault on a wide object like you see in these videos this is for safety i speaking from experience