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The Lazy Vault is a vault used for moving over an obstacle sideways or diagonally while still running or moving forwards. It is also sometimes confused with a Thief Vault; however, the thief vault is a hybrid vault consisting of elements of the Dash Vault and the lazy vault.


Lazy Vault animation from

  1. Run parallel or diagonally to the obstacle
  2. Place inside hand on an object and force inside leg over the object
  3. Push off with outside leg while swinging an inside leg over the object in an arc
  4. Follow inside the leg's arc with outside leg while letting go of inside hand and touching the ground with the inside leg
  5. Touchdown with outside leg while pushing off of object with outside hand
  6. Run out with split feet


Although the above way will often prove to be the most fluid, attempt to use both the inside and outside legs to take off and land on. This will enable you to lazy vault from any position which could prove helpful in certain situations.