What is PoP Vault? Edit

PoP vault is most efficient way of getting up on high walls from 1,5 Meters up to 3 or 4!!! You use it to quickly get away from some one chasing you for example Security or Thief. you can quickly lose them. you can evolve it to: Turn Vault, Precision, Parkour Roll, Safety Vault or Monkey Vault. you can find out there many techniques but i found the most easy, efficient and quick to learn.

Speed vault

Technique: Edit

  1. Run towards the wall you want to jump over/on top of.
  2. A small distance away from the wall, jump towards the wall with your left (or right) leg.
  3. When you jump your legs should be at an angle of 90 Degrees.
  4. Place your right (or left) leg on a wall like on image on the left.
  5. Jump up by turning your Momentum Upwards and at the same moment place both of your hands on obstacle and QUICKLY pull yourself up so you will fly up and you will have enough time to decide what to do next.

Tutorials Video: