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Running is a means of rapid locomotion on foot. It is a crucial aspect of Parkour, as nearly all movements should start and end in running (as the philosophy or Parkour is getting from one place to another as fast as possible). It is also practiced in Freerunning, albeit with more personal style added. Many Freerunning and tricking movements also require momentum to preform, making running necessary. It is also useful in training to build endurance.


As with any jump or landing, the first part of the foot to contact the surface being landed on should be the balls of the feet, and never the heels (as this can damage the knee). However, unlike a jump, the heel should not be too far off the ground. As with jumping, try to do so quietly. Place the feet down flat (from side to side, not from front to back); do not let the inside or outside edge of the foot take the majority of the weight as this will cause overuse injuries over time as well as causing the risk of a sprained ankle.

The arms should be bent at a 90 degree angle and swung opposite to the legs (left foot forward and left arm back). The arms should not come higher than the eyes. While most say to lean forward when running, there is some disagreement on this.

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