Parkour Wiki

David Belle performing a speed vault.

The Speed Vault is a vault used in Parkour. A Traceur or Traceuses will use this vault to quickly overpass an obstacle, such as a low wall, railing or barrier, while preserving forward momentum for additional movements such as a roll or underbar. It is used frequently in all types of urban environments.

It is performed by: - Running up to the obstacle. - Pushing off of one foot. - Placing one hand on the obstacle (if you jumped off of your right foot use your right hand and vice versa). - Swinging both legs over the obstacle to one side. - Landing on the ground and continuing running.

It can be turned into a safety vault, the most basic vault in parkour, by placing the outside leg on the obstacle as you pass (to maintain height) and then swinging the inside leg through. It can also be turned into a Two-handed vault by placing the outside hand next to the inside hand on the obstacle.


  1. Run toward the obstacle
  2. Launch off of the leg on the same side as the hand placed on the obstacle,
  3. Brush hand on object just enough to launch yourself forward over the obstacle,
  4. Come out in one-footed run, landing on the leg you used to launch over.
  • Note: It may be useful or stylistically important to split the legs when speed vaulting instead of keeping them side by side. Also, a risk with using the speed vault is smashing a knee on the object so keep that in mind during takeoff.


  • A good safety vault is important to learning the speed vault.