Parkour Wiki

Strides are a series of jumps combined into one fluid movement, used in Parkour and Freerunning. They are similar to a series of precision leaps, but without the precision landing (instead, the landing is only on one foot and the momentum is immediately used to go into another leap). They are used when there are a number of obstacles on a given path.


  1. For a jump between two objects of the same level, the knee is brought forward and up for momentum while the opposite leg supplies the push. The arm opposite the forward knee should be reaching forward.
  2. The chest should be kept slightly forward but upright.
  3. Don't land with the leg too far ahead of the rest of the body (unless you intend to go into a precision landing).


  • For downward strides, the forward leg should be kept more straight and swung forward rather than upwards. The opposite goes for upwards leaps: the forward knee should be bent further and driven upwards more than in a regular stride.
  • For very long gaps, a precision landing will be necessary. Bring both knees up into a tucked position while in the air, then bring the feet down together to land.