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A picture of a free-runner performing the Tic Tac (or Tac).

A Tic Tac or simply Tac is a movement used in Parkour and Freerunning. It consists of pushing off of a wall, similar to a wallrun, but moving across the wall rather than up it. It is usually used to get over an obstacle next to a wall.

Technique 1[]

  1. Run up to wall at an angle.
  2. While leaning away, place the closer foot on the wall as you push off with the standing leg. Do not stay too far from the wall.
  3. Bring your chest close to the wall as you push off forward and upward.
  4. Turn you body and reach in the direction you want to go.
  5. Land in a roll, precision, crane, cat, run out or use whatever technique is best suited for the situation.

Common Variations[]

Extra steps can be added if more distance needs to be covered. If one extra step is to be added, first push off on the weak (away from the wall) leg, then push off again with the strong leg. For a third step, push off with the strong leg, the weak leg, and the strong leg again.

Tic tacs are often combined with flips in tricking and Freerunning. A common combination would be a tic tac followed by a sideflip.