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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

The Underbar is a Parkour movement where one swings one's body under a bar in a fluid manner.


  1. With enough forward momentum, jump up feet first and place hands on the bar
  2. Swing under the bar, extending the body
  3. Arch your back
  4. Follow through
  1. Tutorial:

360 Underbar[]

The 360 underbar is similar to the regular underbar, but with a full twist of the body. It is often used in free running, although some believe it to be efficient enough to be used in Parkour.


  1. With momentum, grab the bar, palm down, with one hand (let's say the left). Reach under the bar and place the right hand palm down to the left side of the left hand.
  2. Pull your body underneath the bar upside down. Get the right elbow over the bar.
  3. Turn your head to look forward (in the direction you are going).
  4. Shoot the left knee underneath the bar, bring the other leg through and continue forward.


  • Do not look forward as you perform the underbar, as this will prevent the back from arching, which will most likely result in striking the head on the bar.