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A traceur executing a wall run

The Wall Run is a widely used movement in Parkour, used to get over a wall too high for a vault. It is also used in Freerunning ( Wallflips are based on wallruns).


In a vertical wallrun, the traceur runs straight up the wall.


  1. Run towards the wall with strides a little longer than usual but not too long, not too slow nor too fast.
  2. When near the wall, take a small jump and plant the balls of your feet slightly higher than hip level. Lean back.
  3. Bend the knee of the leg that is on the wall, and push off with the other leg. Bring your chest close to the wall, and at the same time push off with the leg that is on the wall.
  4. Once you begin to kick off the wall, bring your other knee up towards your body, increasing your center of gravity and thus transforming your momentum up the wall. Reach upwards. If preformed correctly, it should transfer your horizontal momentum into vertical momentum.
  5. Grab the top of the wall, and preform a climb up.


  • On a high wall, a second step will be necessary. Since the knee of one leg should be close to your body, simply place it on the wall and push upwards.
  • If the wall is low enough, the wallrun and climb up can be combined into one fluid motion, known as a pop vault.


Main article: Tic Tac

The horizontal wall run, or tic tac, allows a traceur to overcome a gap or other obstacle in which running over the ground would be difficult or impossible.


  1. Run diagonally towards the wall at a good pace
  2. Jump towards wall
  3. Place one foot on the wall and push off forward and upward
  4. Turn your body so that you are facing parallel to the direction of motion.


  • Tic tacs can be done with more than one kickoff off of the walls. Alternate feet to continue running on the wall.
  • Spins, flips and other movements used in tricking and freerunning can be performed from a tic tac.

Tips and Warnings[]

  • Placing your foot too low on the wall can cause your foot to slip and your body to slam into it.
  • Make sure to lean back when your foot touches the wall. Contacting the wall with your chest back and then bringing it close to the wall will convert the momentum of your run into upwards momentum. Leading with your chest will stop your momentum.
  • If your foot is slipping when trying to push off, place your foot higher. If you are pushing off away from the wall, place your foot slightly lower.
  • Be careful about trying a wallrun on a slippery surface.